Support An Athlete

International Athlete Support

The act of giving back and supporting the next athlete is one that brings joy to not only you and your family, but the receiving student as well. East Coast Track & Field relies on the support of not only corporate sponsors, but also private donors to ensure our scholarship program remains successful.


Beginning 1 week before the Meet, our International Scholarship Students spend time in Central Maryland at a custom training camp. Surrounded by some of the best coaches in the country they have time to learn, practice and gain invaluable knowledge about not only the art of all things Track & Field, but also guidance about college choices and career goals.

$150: Your support ensures that our scholarship athlete has their local travel and meals covered.

$250: Not only will you support local travel and meals, but also overnight accommodations.

$500: Local travel, meals, overnight accommodations, entry fees and training camp.

$1000: The highest level of support, this donation ensures that all costs for one athlete are covered. These include airline costs, local travel, meals, accommodations, entry fees and training camp.

Each level of support is a gift of a lifetime for our students. From $150-1,000, your donation can help change the lives and future of our students. Please click the link below to make your charitable donation. Thank you!

$150 $250 $500 $1,000
Meals Meals Meals Meals
Local Travel Costs Local Travel Costs Local Travel Costs Local Travel Costs
Overnight Accommodations Overnight Accommodations Overnight Accommodations
Meet Entry Fees & Training Camp Meet Entry Fees & Training Camp
International Travel Costs